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Arts Administrator



As an arts administrator, I value inquiry, collaboration, transparency, and feedback. I’m committed to not only initiating tasks but seeing them through and ensuring everyone involved stays connected.

My dedication lies in supporting and enabling my team and partners by offering resources and creating a clear path towards success. I've had the privilege of working across various administrative domains within diverse arts spaces, fostering inclusive environments for artists, families, community leaders, and young people.


My experience spans program creation, execution, and assessment, along with designing and leading engaging workshops focused on theatre education, arts for social change, and creative entrepreneurship. I thrive on making the administrative process seamless, allowing creativity to flourish and communities to thrive.



To me, leadership isn't a title; it's an ongoing journey of growth and learning that anyone can embark on. It's about constantly evolving and developing new capacities.

At the heart of my leadership style are three key values: communication, gratitude, and active listening. I believe in creating spaces where everyone's voice matters, and where team members shine as leaders in their own right.

As an alumna of the Americans for the Arts NYC Diversity in Arts Leadership program and a recipient of the Institute for Nonprofit Practice’s certification in Community Leadership and Social Change, I embrace opportunities to continue developing my leadership practice and supporting emerging leaders in arts and culture.

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